Metrics Microservice

Keeps list of metrics. This microservice is designed to manage various metrics characterizing the operation of a process. Each metric has the following characteristics:

  • metric name
  • up to 3 types of measurements (in string format)
  • date and time is a numerical value characterizing the metric

When adding or updating a metric, statistics on the metric are automatically calculated for different time horizons (you can specify the depth of the horizon) with the calculation of the average, maximum, minimum and accumulated values ​​within each of them. Data access is provided through a set of API functions.

  • Server implementations: NodeJS, Dart
  • Communication protocols: Direct, Commandable HTTP, Commandable GRPC, GRPC
  • Persistence: Memory, Flat Files, MongoDB, Couchbase
  • Deployment options: Monolith, Process, Docker, AWS Lambda
  • Client implementations: NodeJS, Dart