User Management Microservices

Full array of instruments for user registration, access control, watching over users’ actions, setting up communication channels, and broadcasting messages.

Email Settings Microservice

Keeps settings of email recipients.

Message Distribution Microservice

Distributes messages to one or many recipients using their configured delivery methods: email or sms.

Organizations microservice

Keeps list of working organizations.

Party Activities Microservice

Logs important party activities like signups, signins, creation, changes or deletion of data items and so on.

Passwords Microservice

Password authentication microservice.

Roles Microservice

Provides basic role-based authorization mechanism for users.

Sessions Microservice

Opens and closes user sessions and stores sessiond data.

Sms Settings Microservice

Keeps settings of sms recipients.

User Accounts Microservice

User account management microservice.

User invitations microservice

Keeps list of map invitations.

User roles microservice

Manages roles for user organizations.