Data transfer object that is used to pass the results of paginated queries.

TODO: this class is not realized yet for this language


The TokenizedDataPageData allows you to create a transfer object that is used to pass the results of paginated queries.

Important points

  • This object contains the items of the retrieved page and the total number of items (optional).
  • Additionally, the data page returns a token that has to be passed to the next search as a starting point.
  • Most often, this object type is used to send responses to paginated queries.
  • Pagination parameters are defined by a TokenizedPagingParams object.
    • The token parameter in the TokenizedPagingParams defines where to start the search.
    • The takes parameter sets number of items to be returned in the page.
  • The optional total parameter tells to return the total number of items in the query.
  • However, not all implementations support the total parameter, because its generation may lead to severe performance implications.


Creates a new instance of data page and assigns its values.

public constructor(data: T[] = null, token: string = null, total: number = null)

  • data: T[] - a list of items from the retrieved page.
  • token: string - (optional) a token to define astarting point for the next search.
  • total: number - (optional) a total number of objects in the result.



The items of the retrieved page.

public data: T[]


The starting point for the next search.

public token: string


The total amount of items in a request.

public total: number


page := await myDataClient.getDataByFilter(
    FilterParams.fromTuples("completed": true),
    new TokenizedPagingParams(null, 100, true)

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