Validation rule to check that one or more values are excluded from the list of constants.

Inherits: IValidationRule


The ExcludedRule allows you to verify that none of the values specified in the rule is present in a list of constants.


Creates a new validation rule and sets its values

public ExcludedRule(params object[] values)

  • values: object[] - a list of constants that value must be excluded from

Instance methods


Validates the given value. None of the values set in this ExcludedRule object must exist in the value that is given for validation to pass.

public void Validate(string path, Schema schema, object value, List<ValidationResult> results)

  • path: string - the dot notation path to the value that is to be validated.
  • schema: Schema - (not used in this implementation).
  • value: object - the value that is to be validated.
  • results: List<ValidationResult> - the results of the validation.


var schema = new Schema().WithRule(new ExcludedRule(1, 2, 3));

schema.Validate(2);      // Result: 2 must not be one of 1, 2, 3
schema.Validate(10);     // Result: no errors

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