A helper class used to obtain all the parameters from the “options” configuration section.


The OptionsResolver class can be use to obtain all the parameters under the section “options” from a CongifParams object. It has a single method called “resolve”.

Static methods


Resolves an “options” configuration section from component configuration parameters.

public static resolve(config: ConfigParams, configAsDefault: boolean = false): ConfigParams

  • config: ConfigParams - configuration parameters
  • configAsDefault: boolean - (optional) When set true the method returns the entire parameter set when “options” section is not found. Default: false
  • returns: ConfigParams - configuration parameters from “options” section


let config = ConfigParams.fromTuples(
  "abc.param1", "ABC",
  "options.param1", "ABC",
  "options.param2", 123)

let options = OptionsResolver.resolve(config)           // Returns {'param1': 'ABC', 'param2': '123'}

// If the configuration doesn't contain an "options" section, it returns an empty ConfigParams object.
config = ConfigParams.fromTuples(
          "section1.key1", "AAA",
          "section1.key2", 123,
options = OptionsResolver.resolve(config);           // Returns {}