Data transfer object used to pass filter parameters as key-value pairs.

Extends: StringValueMap


The FilterParams class allows you to create a data transfer object that can be used to pass filter parameters as key-value pairs.


Creates a new instance and initalizes it with elements from the specified map.

public constructor(map: any = null)

  • map: any - map to initialize this instance.

Static methods


Parses semicolon-separated key-value pairs and returns them as a FilterParams.
See StringValueMap.fromString

public static fromString(line: string): FilterParams

  • line: string - semicolon-separated key-value list to initialize FilterParams.
  • returns: FilterParams - newly created FilterParams.


Creates a new FilterParams from a list of key-value pairs called tuples.

public static fromTuples(…tuples: any[]): FilterParams

  • tuples: any[] - list of values where odd elements are keys and the following even elements are values.
  • returns: FilterParams - newly created FilterParams.


Converts a specified value into a FilterParams object.

public static fromValue(value: any): FilterParams

  • value: any - value to be converted.
  • returns: FilterParams - newly created FilterParams object.


let filter = FilterParams.fromTuples(
    "type", "Type1",
    "from_create_time", new Date(2000, 0, 1),
    "to_create_time", new Date(),
    "completed", true
let paging = new PagingParams(0, 100);
let result = await myDataClient.getDataByFilter(filter, paging);

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