Helper class used to generate object IDs.


The IdGenerator class allows you to generate IDs for objects.

Important points

  • It supports two types of IDs: short and long.
  • ShortIDs are 9-digit random numbers. They are not guaranteed be unique.
  • Long IDs are string GUIDs. They are globally unique and 32-character long.

Static methods


Generates a globally unique 32-digit object ID. The value is a string representation of a GUID value.

public static nextLong(): string

  • returns: string - generated 32-digit object ID


Generates a random 9-digit random ID (code).

Note: The returned value is not guaranteed to be unique.

public static nextShort(): string

  • returns: string - generated random 9-digit code


IdGenerator.nextLong();      // Possible result: "234ab342c56a2b49c2ab42bf23ff991ac"
IdGenerator.nextShort();     // Possible result: "23495247"