Random generator for string values.


The class RandomString allows you to generate random strings.

Static methods


Distorts a string by randomly replacing characters in it.

public static distort(value: string): string

  • value: string - a string to distort.
  • returns: string - a distored string.


Generates random alpha characted [A-Za-z]

public static nextAlphaChar(): string

  • returns: string - a random characted.


Generates a random string, consisting of upper and lower case letters (of the English alphabet), digits (0-9), and symbols ("_,.:-/.[].{},#-!,$=%.+^.&*-() “).

public static nextString(minLength: number, maxLength: number): string

  • minLength: number - (optional) minimum string length.
  • maxLength: number - maximum string length.
  • returns: string - a random string.


Picks a random string from an array of string.

public static pick(values: string[]): string

  • values: string[] - Picks a random character from an array of string.
  • returns: string - a randomly picked char.


Picks a random character from a string.

public static pickChar(values: string): string

  • values: string - a string to pick a char from
  • returns: string - a randomly picked char.


let value1 = RandomString.pickChar("ABC");     // Possible result: "C"
let value2 = RandomString.pick(["A","B","C"]); // Possible result: "gBW"