Contains a reference to a component and a locator to find it.


The Reference class allows you to store a reference to a component and a locator to find it.

Important points

  • It is used by References to store registered component references.


Creates a new instance of the reference object and assigns its values.

public constructor(locator: any, component: any)

  • locator: any - locator to find the reference.
  • component: any - reference to component.

Instance methods


Gets the stored component reference.

public getComponent(): any

  • returns: any - component’s references.


Gets the stored component locator.

public getLocator(): any

  • returns: any - component’s locator.


Matches locator to this reference locator. Descriptors are matched using the equal method. All other locator types are matched using direct comparison.

public match(locator: any): boolean

  • locator: any - locator to match.
  • returns: boolean - true if locators are matching and false it they don’t.