Validation rule that compares a value to a constant.

Implements: IValidationRule


The ValueComparisonRule class allows you to create a validation rule that compares a value to a constant.


Creates a new validation rule and sets its values.

public constructor(operation: string, value: any)

  • operation: string - a comparison operation: "==" ("=", “EQ”), “!= " ("<>”, “NE”); “<"/">” (“LT”/“GT”), “<="/">=” (“LE”/“GE”); “LIKE”.
  • value: any - a constant value to compare to

Instance methods


Validates a given value against this rule.

public validate(path: string, schema: Schema, value: any, results: ValidationResult[]): void

  • path: string - a dot notation path to the value.
  • schema: Schema - a schema this rule is called from
  • value: any - a value to be validated.
  • results: ValidationResult[] - a list with validation results to add new results.


let schema = Schema().withRule(ValueComparisonRule("EQ", 1))

schema.validate(1)          // Result: no errors
schema.validate(2)          // Result: 2 is not equal to 1

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