Logger that writes log messages to console.

Extends: Logger


The ConsoleLogger class provides a logger that writes log messages to console.

Important points

  • Errors are written to standard err stream and all other messages to standard out stream.

Configuration parameters

  • level: maximum log level to capture
  • source: source (context) name


  • *:context-info:*:*:1.0 - (optional) ContextInfo to detect the context id and specify counters source

Instance methods


Writes a log message to the logger destination.

public write(level: LogLevel, correlation_id: string, error: Error, message: string): void

  • level: LogLevel - a log level.
  • correlation_id: string - (optional) transaction id to trace execution through call chain.
  • error: Error - an error object associated with this message.
  • message: string - a human-readable message to log.


let logger = new ConsoleLogger();

logger.error("123", ex, "Error occured: %s", ex.message);
logger.debug("123", "Everything is OK.");

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