IdentifiableFilePersistence<T extends IIdentifiable<K>, K>

Abstract persistence component that stores data in flat files and implements a number of CRUD operations over data items with unique ids.

Extends: IdentifiableMemoryPersistence<T, K>


The IdentifiableFilePersistence class allows you to create persistence components that store data in flat files and implement a number of CRUD operations over data items with unique ids.

Important points

  • The data items must implement the IIdentifiable interface.
  • In basic scenarios child classes shall only override getPageByFilter, getListByFilter or deleteByFilter operations with a specific filter function. All other operations can be used out of the box.
  • In complex scenarios child classes can implement additional operations by accessing cached items via the self._items property and calling the save method on updates.

Configuration parameters

  • path: path to the file where data is stored

  • options:

    • max_page_size: maximum number of items returned in a single page (default: 100)


  • *:logger:*:*:1.0 - (optional) (../../../components/log/ilogger) components to pass log messages


Creates a new instance of the persistence.

public constructor(persister?: JsonFilePersister)

  • persister: JsonFilePersister - (optional) a persister component that loads and saves data from/to flat file.



JSON file persister.

protected _persister: JsonFilePersister

Instance methods


Configures component by passing configuration parameters.

public configure(config: ConfigParams): void

  • config: ConfigParams - configuration parameters to be set.


class MyFilePersistence extends IdentifiableFilePersistence<MyData, string> {
    public constructor(path?: string) {
        super(new JsonPersister(path));
    private composeFilter(filter: FilterParams): any {
        filter = filter || new FilterParams();
        let name = filter.getAsNullableString("name");
        return (item) => {
            if (name != null && != name)
                return false;
            return true;
    public async getPageByFilter(correlationId: string, filter: FilterParams,
        paging: PagingParams): Promise<DataPage<MyData>> {
        return await super.getPageByFilter(correlationId, this.composeFilter(filter), paging, null, null);
let persistence = new MyFilePersistence("./data/data.json");
let item = await persistence.create("123", { id: "1", name: "ABC" });
let page = await persistence.getPageByFilter(
        FilterParams.fromTuples("name", "ABC"),
console.log(;          // Result: { id: "1", name: "ABC" }
item = await persistence.deleteById("123", "1");

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