Interface for TokenizerStates.


The ITokenizerState interface is used by TokenizerStates. A tokenizerState returns a token, given a scanner, an initial character read from the scanner, and a tokenizer that is conducting an overall tokenization of the scanner.

Important points

  • The tokenizer will typically have a character state table that decides which state to use, depending on an initial character. If a single character is insufficient, a state such as SlashState will read a second character, and may delegate to another state, such as SlashStarState.

  • This prospect of delegation is the reason that the nextToken() method has a tokenizer argument.

Instance methods


Gets the next token from the stream started from the character linked to this state.

nextToken(scanner: IScanner, tokenizer: ITokenizer): Token

  • scanner: IScanner - text string to be tokenized.
  • tokenizer: ITokenizer - tokenizer class that controls the process.
  • returns: Token - next token from the top of the stream.