GRPC client used for automated testing.

Extends: GrpcClient


The TestGrpcClient class allows you to create a REST client that can be used for automated testing.


Creates a new instance of the TestGrpcClient class.

public constructor(clientTypeOrPath: any, clientName?: string, packageOptions?: any)

  • clientTypeOrPath: any - TODO: add description
  • clientName: string - TODO: add description
  • packageOptions: any - TODO: add description

Instance methods


Calls a remote method via the HTTP/REST protocol.

public call(method: string, correlationId?: string, request: any = {}): Promise<any>

  • method: string - HTTP method: “get”, “head”, “post”, “put”, “delete”
  • correlationId: string - (optional) transaction id used to trace execution through the call chain.
  • request: any - (optional) request object.
  • returns: Promise<T> - the received result.