Service that returns microservice status information via HTTP/REST protocol.

Extends: RestService


The StatusRestService class allows you to create a service that returns microservice status information via the HTTP/REST protocol.

The service responds on /status route (can be changed) with a JSON object:
    - "id":            unique container id (usually hostname)
    - "name":          container name (from ContextInfo)
    - "description":   container description (from ContextInfo)
    - "start_time":    time when container was started
    - "current_time":  current time in UTC
    - "uptime":        duration since container start time in milliseconds
    - "properties":    additional container properties (from ContextInfo)
    - "components":    descriptors of components registered in the container

Configuration parameters

  • base_route: base route for remote URI
  • route: status route (default: “status”)
  • dependencies:
    • endpoint: override for HTTP Endpoint dependency
    • controller: override for Controller dependency
  • connection(s):
    • discovery_key: (optional) key to retrieve the connection from IDiscovery
    • protocol: connection protocol (http or https)
    • host: host name or IP address
    • port: port number
    • uri: resource URI or connection string with all parameters in it


  • *:logger:*:*:1.0 - (optional) ILogger components to pass log messages
  • *:counters:*:*:1.0 - (optional) ICounters components to pass collected measurements
  • *:discovery:*:*:1.0 - (optional) IDiscovery services to resolve connection
  • *:endpoint:http:*:1.0 - (optional) HttpEndpoint reference

Instance methods


Configures the component by passing its configuration parameters.

public configure(config: ConfigParams): void

  • config: ConfigParams - configuration parameters to be set.


Sets references to dependent components.

public setReferences(references: IReferences): void

  • references: IReferences - references to locate the component dependencies.


Registers all service routes in HTTP endpoint.

public register(): void


let service = new StatusService();
    "connection.protocol", "http",
    "", "localhost",
    "connection.port", 8080

console.log("The Status service is accessible at http://+:8080/status");

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