HTTP client for automated testing.

Extends: CommandableHttpClient


The TestCommandableHttpClient class allows you to create a commandable HTTP client for automated testing.


Creates a new instance of the TestCommandableHttpClient class.

public constructor(baseRoute: string)

  • baseRoute: string - base route to the remote method.

Instance methods


Calls a remote method via HTTP commadable protocol. The call is made via POST operation and all parameters are sent in the body object. The complete route to the remote method is defined as baseRoute + “/” + name.

public callCommand<T>(name:string, correlationId: string, params: any): Promise<T>

  • name:string - name of the command to call.
  • correlationId: string - (optional) transaction id used to trace execution through the call chain.
  • params: any - command parameters.
  • returns: Promise<T> - command execution result.